Players are creating their own digital "Trading Card"

Posted Wed, Apr 3 by Jamie from Wilmington, DE in Leagues to Join / 1 reply

  • Jamie 's league needs people on Wed, Apr 3

    Players are now able to create their own sports trading card. Fun and easy to use! Start editing, add your "Sports" photo shot, customize your stats for up to date play, add your social media, League URL, and start trading immediately.

    Fun for all ages and sports.
    Keep your own card collection and cards traded to you.
    Leagues are showcasing team cards for scouting reports.
    Coaches are able to invite the entire team and create their own "Coaches Corner".

    Have your league become an affiliate partner

    Check it out and create your own trading card before the next game at:

    See you out there!
  • Pink replied Thu, Nov 3

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